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La Voz Media Group reaches today's Latino consumer through social channels by creating digital content that is meaningful to the Latino community, elicits an emotional response, and is relevant to their lives.



As compared to the general market, options for online media in Spanish are limited. This is why La Voz Media Group provides content in both Spanish and English.


  • Both english &
    spanish equally






NOTE: TV, radio, internet, magazines; numbers may not add up to 100% due to rounding SOURCE: ThinkNow and Sensis, * Hispanic MILLENNIAL Project: Wave 1, April 23, 2014


Second and Third Gen Latinos in the U.S. Hispanics account for 22% of all of US's younger population, representing an ideal target for digital advertising. Despite the opportunity behind these numbers, Brands and Retailers are just now beginning to target this ever-growing and changing demographic and are having trouble reaching them en Masse

the hispanic tech consumer
  • * Hispanics lead in adoption of new tech devices
  • * Hispanics are power users of mobile and over-index video consumption
  • * Always connected online
  • * Extreme social influencers

Source: AdWeek May 6, 2013; Hispanics more digitally savvy group


La Voz Media Group is positioned to engage the underserved Hispanic demographic with relevant and engaging content while giving advertisers a platform to reach the Latino consumer.

LVDG flagship property LA VOZ DAILY has proven that the market is ripe for Spanish / English content targeted to the U.S Hispanic & Latin America. HOW? By generating close to 2M unique visitors per month and 250k+ Facebook fans since launching in late Q4 2014

  • Hispanics possess collective buying power of USD $1.2 trillion according to a report published by Nielson. Latinas are the driving force behind Hispanic purchasing power in the U.S (08/01/2013)
  • The majority of Hispanics are shopping online and are spending an average of $12 more per transaction than non-Hispanics (Source: Yahoo! Report 10/13)
  • Hispanic online advertising is growing - eMarketer expects a 3.8% increase to US$ 171.33 billion in 2015 Marketers spent $420 million in 2014 on Hispanic online advertising, up 25% from 2013 according to Captura Group


  • 60.7 million Internet users in Mexico (Just over 51.1% of the country population)
  • There is gender equality in Mexico in terms of Internet users: 51% are male and 49% female
  • 30% of Internet users are aged 25-44 years old.
  • On average, Mexicans use the Internet 5 hours and 1 minute per day, 67 minutes more than in 2012.
  • Mexicans use the Internet mostly for e-mail, information searches, content and access to social media.
  • 9 out of 10 Mexican Internet users have access to at least one social media channel.


eMarketer had predicted in 2012 that by 2015 digital ad spending in Mexico would surpass the $1 billion mark. 2014 turned out to be the year in which digital ad spend hit the $1 billion mark displaying a much greater potential in terms of ad revenue and growth in Mexico. This number is now poised to double by 2017.

  • Digital ad spend in Latin American – 35% increase per year
  • Latin America will see the largest growth of mobile Internet users – 45% per year
  • Mexico & Brazil are among the countries with the fastest in mobile Internet users



Yoav Cohen is a serial entrepreneur with vast start-up experience in digital content, community development and e-commerce. Yoav is founder and CEO of La Voz Media Group and leads the executive team focused on global partnerships and scaling LVMG brands in the U.S. and Latin America. Prior to launching LVMG, Yoav was co-founder at Genesis Media, a VC-funded company based in New York City. Also, Yoav founded, the second largest online dating platform in Canada, which he later sold to Spark Networks, subsequently becoming Head of Business Development for He also co-founded, which was sold to Transcontinental Media ( in 2009. Prior to arriving in North America, Yoav lived in Israel and was a former Israeli Air Force Intelligence officer.


Felipe Maria

Felipe graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida International University earning a degree in Organizational Communication. Previously he studied Sound Engineering and Music Production at Miami Dade College. Felipe brings years of experience in the entertainment industry as an audiovisual producer, having worked on TV, Radio and Web content development; as well as, advertising and marketing campaigns. A few of his past clients include ESPN, Fox Sports, NASCAR, Discovery Channel, Telemundo and Univision.

Fernando Bendana

Fernando Bendaña is a Social communicator and journalist. He's a literature lover, and enjoys listening to stories, getting involved in them and learning about them. Besides his career, he's studying to become a football coach, his greatest passion. He is the editor in La Voz Daily and is dedicated 100% into this exciting project.

Alejandra Pinzón

A Colombian dedicated to become an organizational social communicator. She has worked in the country as a consultant for some strategic communications agencies, field in which she has her own initiative: Latam D.C. She has explored the writing world since she was a kid and now writes for La Voz Daily (where she is the author of the blog "Day 28", among others) and Think Contra, in which she develops themes of sexuality and human relations in order to keep them always balanced. She loves sushi, good wine, and especially Freddie Mercury.

Camila Becerra

She's a 23 year old Colombian working as a social communicator and journalist. She is passionate about books, music, dancing and writing. One of her major interests is to travel around the world and write about the cultural diversity of the countries through the culinary arts. She has worked at Spencer Stuart as Research Analyst, but her love with the letters made her focus on journalism. She has volunteered for the Aldeas Infantiles SOS Foundation, willing to help with the conviction of contributing to the transformation of a better society.

Juan Alba

He's 24 years old and he is an Internationalist. He loves history, literature, movies, politics, music and soccer. He dreams about traveling around the world looking for news, facts and implications into major international events. He aims to become an expert communication strategist, serving to government, political parties, NGOs and media. However, his greatest aspiration in life is to live a peaceful life.

Laura Dossman

Laura is a social communicator and journalist and was born in Colombia. She's a good lyrics lover, she's dreamy and adventurous. Her passionate career began in the organizational area, which she decided to quit to begin the greatest adventure of her life: writing with her soul for world travelers. In her free time, she writes novels and poems, loves to dance and going to the movies.